Why Should I Use Earnipay?

First off, Earnipay is not for everyone. Yeah, it isn’t. In as much as it’s a lifesaver for modern businesses and everyone under the financial umbrella, it’s not still paramount for all and sundry.

However, if you’re a modern business owner — startups, mid-sized or large companies, an employee or an HR Manager who’s aiming at improving payment processes and provide financial well-being tools for the employees under your jurisdictions, do yourself a favor by reading this article to the last detail, so you can unlock a new world of financing ease.

That brings us back to the question Why Should I Use Earnipay?

Simple & direct.

 Are you:

  • Tired of waiting till the last day of the month before you receive your wages? 
  • Fed up with traditional payment methods that seem to take forever to process and leave you with a never-ending pile of bills to pay? 
  • Or, you are looking to unlock the full potential of your business?

If you answered yes to any of the above, look no further than Earnipay — the all-in-one finance, employee benefits, and people operations solution that has everything you need to make your life and business easier & productive through: 

  •  On-demand pay (accessing your earned wages, as you work).
  • Bulk Bill payments 
  • Invoice financing
  • Payroll processing and financing
  • Wallet – Bulk Bill & Vendor.

Are the questions predominant on your mind at this juncture:  How can I get On-Demand Pay? How can I pay Bills in Bulk? How can I get Invoice Financing?

Let’s have a breakdown of the afore-asked questions then.

  1. How Can I Get On-Demand Pay?

Earnipay’s On-demand pay is a technology-driven solution that allows you as an employee to access your earned wages before your next scheduled payday.

With this, you can easily request and receive payment for the days you have already worked, helping to improve your financial stability and reducing the need for high-interest loans or other forms of credit schemes.

Cool, isn’t it?

However, to be able to use the On-demand pay, your employer has to add you to the Earnipay platform and provide your monthly salary information to prove that you are gainfully employed.

After your employer does that, you’ll be sent an invite SMS/Email, so you can activate your account via Earnipay’s mobile app (that can be found on Playstore/App Store), or through the USSD code *347*729#.

With Earnipay’s On-demand pay, any day is payday. To know more about the terms & conditions, schedule a meeting via earnipay.com now.

  1. How Can I Pay Bills In Bulk?

This concerns you more if you are an employer of labor that has quite a handful of employees on your payroll, as it relieves you of the stress of having to log in to multiple accounts or manually write and send checks for each payment.

To pay bills in bulk, or schedule tons of vendors payment with Earnipay, all you have to do is visit the website earnipay.com to sign up for a bulk bill payment service and provide your business and payment details or upload a file with the details of the bills that you want to pay.

The icing on this feature is the fact that you won’t be charged a dime when you use Earnipay’s bill payment feature. You can also monitor the status of your operations by payment confirmation receipts and real-time payment tracking.

  1. How Can I Get Invoice Financing?

If you’re looking to access instant capital by converting your company’s outstanding invoices to cash, Earnipay has got you.

Earnipay’s invoice financing provides a way to get paid faster and keep cash flow healthy. Instead of waiting for customers to pay their invoices, businesses can use Earnipay to get access to the funds they need to keep their operations running smoothly.

However, to be able to access this feature, your business must tick the following boxes: 

  • Must sign up with Earnipay and provide bank statements and audited reports for a background and credit check.
  • Must have outstanding invoices from reputable customers. 
  • Must be proved legitimate, after undergoing Earnipay’s verification.

Once you’ve gotten past these, the invoice is approved, and a repayment duration is set. Earnipay will then make up to 80% of the invoice value available to your business’s wallet.

Put simply, getting started with Earnipay invoice factoring entails a straightforward application process and a fairly quick turnaround for approval and funds within 24-48 hours. Nothing more, nothing less.

  1. How Can I Automate Payroll Processing?

The need for automated payroll processing can’t be overemphasized, as it simplifies the often-complicated task of managing employee payroll and benefits.

To automate your payroll processing via Earnipay, all you have to do is: Visit our website to sign up and Provide your business and payment details or upload a file with the details of the bills that you want to pay.

The reasons why Earnipay should be your first choice aren’t bound to these aforementioned features alone. Earnipay is also an excellent option for those who want to make online payments. 

Online payment services are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a quick and convenient way to make payments without the need for cash or checks. 

Earnipay offers secure online payments, making it a reliable choice for those who want to shop online or make payments electronically. Don’t just follow the trend, follow it satisfactorily with Earnipay’s sleek, secure, and fast online payment services.

That’s still not all you stand to benefit from if you use Earnipay.

Another convenient aspect of trusting Earnipay is that all of these features are available in one central location – your Earnipay wallet. This makes managing your finances easy and convenient, with everything you need right at your fingertips. No more switching between multiple payment apps and websites; with Earnipay, you have everything you need in one place.

Just head on to your app store to download Earnipay’s mobile app, and fund your wallet either through bank transfer or through earnings.

You can also pay utility bills ranging from data, airtime, electricity, and cable fee directly from your Earnipay wallet provided your wallet is well funded.

In conclusion, Earnipay is an all-in-one payment solution that provides a variety of features aimed at making managing your funds simple and practical. Earnipay has all the services you require in one location, including on-demand pay, bulk bill payment, invoice finance, automated payroll processing, and secure online payments. So why not make your life simpler by using Earnipay right now?

Now, you know why you should use Earnipay, and what you’re missing if you hesitate on visiting earnipay.com to get started now.

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