A Head-to-Head Comparison: Earnipay vs Others

When discussing business and employees’ financial wellness, some companies provide services to ensure their subscribers get the best. Different businesses might have preferences in selecting a financial service to handle some of their financial operations, mostly checking with their businesses’ goals and core values. Not every financial service will fit well with every business. Still, some financial services have targeted the bull’s eye when tackling most issues affecting businesses and their employees’ financial wellness.

In this article, we will be pointing our torch at Earnipay, a finance, people operations, and employee benefits solution for businesses. We will be highlighting the services Earnipay provides and its benefits compared to other financial services.

Services provided by Earnipay

As a financial service for businesses and their employees, Earnipay provides a list of services to better their client’s financial wellness. These services are grouped into two categories as they benefit the business and employees.

Earnipay services for business

  1. Invoice Financing

Earnipay recognizes that many business owners, especially those who issue invoices to their clients, face problems getting their clients to pay them on time. Late customer payment is one of the prevalent causes of cash flow issues in business. As a service that helps businesses with their finances, Earnipay offers invoice financing to help companies fund their unpaid invoices ahead of the agreed payday with their customers. With this, companies can have enough capital to keep other business operations running as they should.

  1. Payroll processing and financing

Payroll processing is an essential aspect of a business. Without the process, you cannot pay your workers, which can slow down your work rate. Payroll processing can be done manually, but due to human involvement, most manually processed payrolls are prone to errors and can be time-consuming. Earnipay offers payroll processing software as a service to businesses to help them process their payroll fast and error-free. With this, business owners will have enough time to attend to other business operations.

On the other hand, payroll financing is a service offered by Earnipay to help businesses finance their payroll to pay their employees on time. With this, businesses can comfortably pay their workers even with temporary cash flow issues.

  1. Bulk bill payment

As a business owner, you sometimes must pay some bills to keep your business running. You must settle the bills from electricity, data, and airtime to your TV cable network to keep your business running smoothly. Some businesses also reward their workers with monthly data subscriptions. Paying data bills for a long list of workers can be stressful. With Earnipay’s bulk bill payment, you can pay up to 3000+ bills in minutes.

Earnipay services for employees

  1. On-demand pay

Earnipay provides an On-demand pay option for employees who have their companies registered with their service. With on-demand pay, employees can request their earned salaries ahead of the designated payday. Employees can tend to their immediate needs amidst their financial downtimes.  The on-demand pay option also helps to grow the employee and employer relationship.

  1. Native Wallet for banking transactions

Earnipay understands that employees have day-to-day financial transactions. They may want to centralize all their financial transactions on one app to avoid unnecessary charges. Earnipay provides a native wallet for employees to perform bank transactions like transfers and deposits.

  1. Employee loans

When an employee needs an emergency fund, the money might be too much to be sustained by the on-demand pay option. Earnipay understands that situations like this are inevitable, so your employee can get a loan of about 50% of their annual salary with your approval.

  1. Target savings

Everyone has plans that require money to execute. So, it is normal for people to plan target savings to get their target funds needed to make their dreams come true. Your employees have dreams, and target savings can make them come alive. With the Earnipays’ savings feature, your employee can save money to achieve their financial goals.

  1. Financial Education

This feature on Earnipay allows your employee to be exposed to the financial knowledge required to sustain their economic well-being.  Earnipay provides courses from financial experts aimed at helping employees get on the right track with their spending.

Benefits Earnipay has over others

Earnipay does not only have various features available to its customers to help their financial dealings. These features also come with many benefits to ensure Earnipay ranks over others when it comes to providing the best solutions to financial issues. With Earnipay, you stand to enjoy benefits like:

  • Efficient cash flow management.
  • Time-saving automated payroll processing.
  • Cost saving with bulk bill payments.
  • Enhanced financial flexibility.
  • Boosted revenue and growth.
  • Increased workplace productivity.

Your employees stand to enjoy:

  • Access to their salary anytime they need it.
  • Convenient bill payments directly from their earnings.
  • Savings with great interest rates.
  • Increased motivation and productivity.
  • Low-interest rate employee loans.
  • Improved financial wellness.

Take home

Financial wellness in business and work environments is essential. As a business owner, you have to make sure your business is financially healthy; likewise, you have to ensure your employees are also satisfied with their finances. This way, your business will thrive.

To ensure you are making the best moves with your finances, you need to be sure that you are in business with the right financial service provider. Earnipay provides the best financial service for your business and also for your employers to ensure that you get the best out of your business operations. You can learn more about Earnipay and how our services best fit your business by going to earnipay.com today.

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