How To Survive January’s 1000 Days

“On the first day of January, Sapa gave to me….”

If we are keeping it a buck, we should make the lines above into a hit that reminds everybody of the trials of January. The lonely month that comes after Detty December when you have spent your bonus and a huge chunk of your salary living your best life.

We warned you to stay inside but you didn’t listen. Luckily, we are nice guys and have the perfect tips to help you triumph over a Sapa-sponsored January.

The rice at home is going to work

This is not the time to be craving lunch from The Place or KFC. Remove yourself from the company’s Foodies slack channel and embrace a new reality of packing your own lunch to work. Yes, it may mean waking up earlier than usual to get your cooking done or even drawing a cooking timetable. However, your pocket will thank you and just maybe you’ll survive till the end of the month.

Uber not

With surges that manifest from thin air, constantly ordering Uber or Bolt rides is dangerous for your January budget. An alternative is to look for a colleague that frequents your route and start catching a ride with them to work. Be responsible and pitch in for fuel so you don’t become a burden. Alternatively, you can share a ride with other colleagues and split the bill.

Stay Inside

The only thing outside is a debit alert. Cut down on the possibilities of unplanned expenses by staying at home. You can catch up with all the people outside on social media. The official word for people who invite you out is that you’re taking time to recharge and relax (Sapa na your mate?). Those who stay inside live to come outside another day.

Don’t Listen to us… Because you don’t need to

If your company is on Earnipay then the words “Surviving”, “sapa” or “managing” are not in your January dictionary. Because on Earnipay, you can access your salary at any time.  Earnipay is a flexible salary solution that allows employees to track how much they’ve earned per day and allows them to access 50% of their accrued earnings at any particular time.

Feeling left out? Ask your HR and CEO why your company is not yet on Earnipay then send this link (  to them. You’re welcome!

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