Detty your December on a budget

Your company has finally “closed” for the year. Sure Titi from Operations that has zero joy will send the odd 9 am mail but for the most part you are left to your own devices. This “Dettying” that people have been speaking of is finally yours to join.

Every A-list artist and upcoming star is holding a show this season and IJGB people on your snap have been oppressing you. Before you run off to roll with the big boys, first some ideas that offer the same experience without the violence to your account balance or the discomfort of waiting until 3 am to watch Wizkid for 30 mins ( side-eye Abuja people

There’s a party inside

Literally, there’s a party waiting to happen in your house. Bring outside inside by inviting your friends to hang out and chill with you. Except you have bad character, you will have a guest list up and running in no time. To save costs further, you can ask all your guests to bring drinks and food along with them.

Travel Home

Go far away to a place where there is rice without billing. If you are looking for enjoyment that addeth no sorrow, then maybe it is time to head home to see your family members. A bit of fresh, free air, home-cooked meals and family arguments should get you in the festive mood quickly.

Pro- tip- Have a solid excuse to escape quickly if the trip ever slides from relaxation to an internship in cleaning.

Owambe Patrol

If you have the latest version of Instagram, every time, you refresh your feed, someone is getting married. This is where your enjoyment comes in. Owambes mean food, great music, the opportunity to meet cool guys and babes, and an after-party with great vibes.

Don’t take our advice… Because you don’t need it

If your company is on Earnipay, these tips don’t really matter to you because you can walk into the new year knowing that no matter how Detty your December is, you can access your salary in advance at any time on Earnipay. Earnipay is a flexible salary solution that allows employees to track how much they’ve earned per day and allows them to access 50% of their accrued earnings at any particular time.

Feeling jealous? Ask your HR and CEO why your company is not yet on Earnipay, and then send this link (  to them. You’re welcome.

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