mother money saving

How Mothers Shape Our Money & Saving Habits

In money, the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” holds true. My mother taught me about money and saving. She also left invaluable lessons on spending as well.

mother money saving

Many believe that we learn our first lessons about money at home, and for many of us, our mothers serve as the primary teachers. From the moment we understand the concept of saving, we are taught the importance of setting aside for the future.

My mother laid the foundation for my spending and saving habits, shaping the way I approach finances to this day, despite not having to handle money until my teenage years. Her impactful lessons on saving stemmed from her practice of what she preached; she consistently allocated funds for various expenses, including emergencies, school fees, travel, and weddings. Observing her budgeting habits taught me that financial responsibility is demonstrated through actions, not just words. Even now, she reminds me to save whenever we discuss my earnings.

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Reflecting on my own journey, I’m struck by how profoundly my mother’s teachings have influenced my saving habits. 

Learning the Value of Money

My mother says, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees, and even if it does, you can grow tired of having to climb it often. Take some and keep it aside.’ She made me understand that every Naira had to be earned through hard work.

John*, a carpenter.

John tells me that his mother, much like mine, often emphasized the importance of hard work and money. In her words and actions, she taught him to spend wisely and think critically about my purchases.

The Power of Saving

“Even when I was just a child, my mom encouraged me to save some of my allowance. It wasn’t much, but it laid the groundwork for a lifelong habit.” – Emily, HR manager. 

Emily’s experience mirrors mine in many ways. From an early age, my mother stressed the importance of saving, urging me to set aside a portion of any money I received. At one point, I had an entire bank account dedicated to funds earmarked for a project two years ahead. I didn’t get an ATM card or enable mobile banking. If I wanted that money, I’d have had to go to the bank.

Now, banking apps like Earnipay make managing savings much easier. I can effortlessly deduct money into a savings plan manually or automatically.

Some of us also learn bad money habits from our mothers. 

My mother was a chronic overspender, and unfortunately, I inherited that trait from her. It’s been a constant struggle to break free from the cycle of impulse buying.

– Michael, a small business owner. 

Michael’s story shows that not all maternal influences are positive. For some, like him, poor spending habits can lead to financial stress. It makes it important to recognize the impact parents have on their children’s financial behaviors and strive to break free from negative patterns.

My mother’s unwavering support, advice, and steadfast example have transformed me into the somewhat financially responsible individual I am today. As we celebrate mothers everywhere, let’s acknowledge their role not only as nurturers of our bodies and minds but also as architects of our financial well-being. After all, mom’s lessons often endure the longest.

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