Earnipay's Upgrade & Win Big Draw offers participants the chance to win N100,000. Upgrade your account and join now for your shot at big prizes!

Earnipay’s Upgrade & Win Big Draw: Your Chance to Win N100,000!

Introducing the Upgrade & Win Big Draw – a three-month marathon where you can stand a chance to win cash prizes! Dreams require funding, not just wishes. At Earnipay, we’re all about empowering you to achieve your financial goals and dreams.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re spreading love with a grand prize of N100,000 to 10 lucky winners! From February 14th to May 16th, join us for the Upgrade & Win Big Draw and get ready to win big!

Why Upgrade?

At Earnipay, we believe your Salary deserves a raise and we’re dedicated to empowering you with the tools and services you need to achieve financial freedom. Upgrading your account from tier 1 to tier 3 unlocks unrestricted access to thousands of fast and easy transfers, on-demand pay, savings, seamless bill payments, exclusive rewards, and discounts, or access credit, our tier 3 account puts the power in your hands.

Participate and Win:

To participate, all you need to do is be an active Earnipay user! Here’s how you can qualify:

  1. Upgrade Your Earnipay Account: You must be a tier 3 Earnipay user.  If you’re currently on Tier 1, complete your KYC and earn 8 points instantly, and upgrade to a Tier 3 Account to unlock unrestricted access to all Earnipay benefits. 
  2.  Accumulate PointsAccumulate 15 points by engaging in select transactions on the Earnipay app. The more you transact, the more points you accumulate, increasing your chances of winning!
  3. Enter The Draw: Once you get 15 points, enter the draw through the Earnipay App under the Rewards Tab by clicking Redeem!
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Terms and Conditions:
  1. The promotion is open to all Earnipay tier 3 account users who are residents of Nigeria and are eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  2. Points are earned through transactions made on the Earnipay App.
  3. Participants will undergo verification of their Earnipay account, including KYC details, and transactions made on the Earnipay App.
  4. Winners will be randomly selected to ensure fairness for all participants.
  5. Prizes will be credited directly to the winners’ Earnipay accounts.
  6. Earnipay reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the promotion if necessary.
  7. Fraudulent Activities: Any attempt at fraudulent activities like round tripping etc will result in disqualification. Earnipay reserves the right to discontinue the draw in the event of breaches of rules, fraudulent activities, or misconduct.
  8. Geographic Limitations: The draw is open to Nigerian residents only.
  9. Participants understand and agree that the Promotion will run for a limited time from February 14th, 2024, to May 16th, 2024.
  10. Participation in this Promotion is completely voluntary, and the mode of communication is English.
  11. Winners will be announced on all our social channels.
  12. Earnipay reserves the right to share the names and images of winners on social media platforms and other promotional materials.
  13. Participants and winners may be required to take part in press opportunities, including but not limited to interviews, photo shoots, and media appearances.
  14. Earnipay reserves the right to use the names and images of participants and winners in promotional materials related to the giveaway, without additional compensation or permission required.

By participating in the Promotion, users agree to abide by these rules and terms.

Eligibility Criteria for the Upgrade & Win Big Draw – a three-month marathon where you can stand a chance to win cash prizes!

Entry and participation in this Promotion are open to individuals residing in Nigeria who meet the following criteria:

  1. Age: Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age or above.
  2. Earnipay Verification: Every Participant must have submitted extra documentation during the verification process, including an International Passport, NIN, Voter’s Card, or Driver’s License.
  3. Residence: Participants must be residents of Nigeria.
  4. Exclusions: Participants cannot be Earnipay management, employees, directors, or contractors, or the family of the aforementioned individuals, their related entities, or other agencies, firms, or companies associated with or related to the Promotion.
  5. Earnipay reserves the right to perform additional checks on all selected winners by its internal compliance team before the prize presentation.

Stay tuned to our social media channels and email announcements for weekly winner announcements. You could be one of the lucky winners walking away with exciting prizes!

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