Low-Risk Investment Opportunities For Those Who Want to Play it Safe

Low-Risk Investment Opportunities For Those Who Want to Play it Safe

Low-risk investment opportunities for those who want to play it safe

You have been hearing about ways people make their money work for them when they sit and relax doing other things. It is no news that investing your money in the right places can yield profits that could change your life. Likewise, a little mistake can send you back to your old days. Nobody wants to return to the trenches; everyone is after the bag. What are the low-risk investment opportunities one can take part in?

You have heard stories of how millionaires turned bankrupt due to bad investments. You’ve probably heard of or experienced investment scams and Ponzi schemes before, and you know how they affect their victims. The after-effects, such as PTSD, will deny a victim the psychological capacity to engage in investments of any kind. But there are proper ways to go about investments to avoid financial disasters.

This article will give insights on low-risk investment opportunities you can grab to make profits.

What is a Low-Risk Investment?

When you invest, you are taking a risk. Every investment comes with either a profit or a loss. A low-risk investment is one that has a low probability of incurring losses. The concept of low-risk investments doesn’t mean you are not prone to losses. It only means that even if you are going to lose, the chances of losing all or a large chunk of your money are low.

Low-risk investments usually do not bring high returns, but they offer a security blanket for your investment as they do not suddenly drop in value.

Top 6 Low-Risk Investment Opportunities

There are several low-investment opportunities you can choose to engage in in Nigeria. We have curated the top six low-risk investment opportunities in which you can invest your money.

1. Invest in Earnipay’s Savings

Another safe investment opportunity you can take advantage of is Earnipay’s Savings. You can get up to 15% ROI annually when you use Earnipay’s Savings. All you need is to keep the money you wish to invest in your savings account. Earnipay will invest your money in profitable and low-risk investments, and you will get a 15% annual profit. If you invest ₦10 million, you will earn a profit of ₦1.5 million after a year.

2. Agriculture

Nigeria is a country blessed with fertile lands. Agriculture is one of the oldest forms of investment and also one of the safest. It is one of the safest forms of investment with good ROI.

You can invest in agricultural investment platforms like Farm Partner, Crowdyvest, Farmsby, E-Farms, Thrive Agric, FarmSmart, Payfarmer, etc.

3. Savings Bonds Issued by the Federal Government

You can choose to invest your money in FGN Bonds. It is an investment provision by the Federal Government where you can get up to 11% annual ROI. It is one of the safest investment opportunities, and the interest income earned from the investments is tax-exempt. However, applications must be for a minimum of ₦50,001,000 and, after that, in multiples of ₦1,000.

4. Real Estate

Real estate investment involves buying landed properties with the intention of sales or rentals. You can decide to invest your money in buying land and building a house that you will later sell or rent out to make a profit. It is one of the safest investment options and usually yields good profits. Landed properties are also known to appreciate over some time, say ten years or more.

5. Mutual Funds Investment

Mutual funds investing is a type of investment that involves collecting a pool of funds from a group of investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and similar assets. It gives small investors the advantage of partaking in professionally managed investments that produce capital gains for the investors involved.

6. Treasury Bills

Treasury bills, also known as T-bills, are short-term government-backed securities issued by the CBN. Aside from being used as a form of capital investment, T-bills can also serve as collateral for loans. It is a safe investment option for disposable income and a good retirement investment plan.


Investing is a proven way of driving one’s wealth forward. You can easily attain your financial goals by investing your money following the proper steps. Just like an investment can be your ticket to financial freedom, it can also be the tunnel to your financial crisis.
Before seeking an investment option, you must measure the risks involved. Low-risk investments are the best, as they can assure your fund safety. Earnipay offers a 15% annual profit on every saving you make using Earnipay’s Savings product. You can download the Earnipay app on your app store to get started.

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