What Makes Earnipay the Most Customizable Payroll Tool in Africa?

What Makes Earnipay the Most Customizable Payroll Tool in Africa?

Most HR officers have a love-hate relationship with manually processing payroll using Excel sheets due to how easy it is to customize. Even with the large influx of payroll processing tools on the continent, payroll managers are not strictly sold on their automation prospects because these payroll tools are one-size-fits-all.

However, Earnipay is Africa’s most customizable payroll tool because it allows businesses of all sizes to customize their payroll process, tweak and turn it as they choose without affecting the entire payroll calculation. From creating pay schedules and structures to making custom deductions and additions, Earnipay allows companies with complex payroll systems to design their payroll processes to suit their business peculiarities.

In this article, we will highlight the features of Earnipay’s customizable payroll tool and how it accommodates other HR needs.

But before we dive into the nitty gritty of our payroll solutions, it would be worthwhile to begin by reviewing some of the payroll processing tools in Africa. 

Existing Payroll Processing Providers in Africa

Earnipay’s reputation as Africa’s most customizable payroll processing tool can best be appreciated when placed alongside other payroll processing tools. Some of them include the following;

Seamless HR

Seamless Payroll is an innovative offering from Seamless Hr that is revolutionizing payroll. It helps payroll officers complete thousands of payrolls simultaneously while performing payroll updates in bulk. Seamless HR stands out for being intuitive and easy to navigate. 

Aside from guaranteeing faster payroll processing, this payroll tool helps companies stay compliant with regulations by ensuring accuracy in payments and deductions. 


Workpay is a fast, easy and affordable payroll tool designed to help businesses of all sizes up their payroll game. By completing payroll much faster, businesses can ensure that their employees are paid accurately and on time. It is a self-service tool as this payroll envisages the needs of both employers and employees. Asides from helping employers complete payroll runs on time, employees can also access payroll information when they wish. platform.


Designed to help businesses of all sizes maximize productivity, Payspace Africa is 100% cloud-native software that automates and streamlines payroll processes, making it an efficient and accurate payroll processing option. It is a cloud-sponsored payroll tool that secures data and has over 40 countries’ legislation embedded in its software. However, this payroll tool does not have customizable options for companies to tailor the software to meet their specific requirements.

Key Customizable Features on the Earnipay Payroll Processing Solution 

Throughout the processing stages of payroll with our payroll tool, users have many customizable options at every point. From creating schedules to assigning payroll structures, users can customize every process to reflect their organizational nuances. But don’t just take our word for it; here are some customizable features on the Earnipay payroll processing solution. 

Pay Schedule

In setting up payment schedules, the Earnipay payroll tool considers the peculiarities of business operations. As such, users can either select monthly, bimonthly, or weekly. Also, users can allow workday proration and set it for weekdays or weekends only. Once created, users can edit from time to time to reflect changing realities. 

Pay structures

HR officers are empowered to create their pay structure. While we provide a default salary breakdown, users can add custom items peculiar to their organization nuances. After creating pay structures, users can choose to assign those pay structures to employees or groups of employees. 


In making deductions, our payroll tool provides a list of deductions, including PAYE, NHIF, NSITF, and ITS, which you may check or uncheck as the case may be for their organization. You can also add custom deductions, such as employee loan deductions. This would include the name, description, whether it is a percentage or fixed amount, and the source of the deductions.

Benefits and Allowances

Users can also create custom employee benefits and allowances using our payroll tool. HR officers can design their pay structure to accommodate all employee benefits with our payroll tool, from transportation to wardrobe allowances.

Final Words 

Earnipay is Africa’s most customizable payroll tool because it gives payroll officers power over their company’s payroll processes. If you’ve been looking for a payroll tool that can accommodate your business needs with many customizable options, our payroll processing solution is all you need.

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