How to pay your bills with Earnipay.

All the Bills You Can Pay on Earnipay

As a business expands, it leads to increased revenue and profitability, resulting in paying lots and lots of bills. And with bulk bill payments to handle, companies risk making errors that could lead to mistrust or miscalculations of funds.

Nevertheless, these challenges could be avoided by Introducing bulk bill payments. Interestingly, Earnipay, a financial and people operations company, provides a simple bulk payment solution for businesses to manage bill and vendor payments.

As you read on, you will learn about our bulk bill payment, its benefits, why you should choose Earnipay for your bulk payment and lots more.

What is a bulk payment?

Bulk payment is a payment solution offered by Earnipay to enable businesses to make multiple payments from a single account. Some of the bulk bill payments are utility bills and recurring expenses. It involves transferring funds to numerous individuals, vendors, or suppliers in a single transaction. Other bulk payment methods are direct transfers, cheques, or third-party providers.

With the advancement of the on-demand and gig economy, over a thousand independent contractors or employees require the systematic collection of funds. It makes it imperative for businesses to leverage a payment solution like bulk bill payment or partner with a third-party like Earnipay to provide you with a cutting-edge bulk payment solution that is void of errors and delays.

The 5 Benefits of Bulk Bill Payment for Businesses

Small, medium and large-sized businesses use bulk payment to streamline and automate payment processes, mainly when dealing with a considerable volume of transactions. Some of its benefits include:

Cost cutting

By managing a considerable volume of transactions in a go. You can reduce the nominal costs charged by banks or payment gateway. In doing so, you can reinvest more money into your business for growth and expansion.

Reduce errors

Processing bulk bill payment reduces the chance of making errors in a way the payment software provides you with standardised templates and formats that ensure consistency and accuracy in payment instructions.

Improve cash flow management

Bulk bill payments allow businesses to manage their cash flow more effectively. By making a huge volume of transactions in a go, you can predict when money will be leaving the company’s purse, ensuring you have enough funds to cater for other financial needs.


Compared to manual payment, processing bulk bill payments saves time and effort. Not only that, it reduces delays and lots of paper and administrative work that is associated with manual processing and fee.


While your business expands, bulk payment methods could still accommodate large transactions without bottlenecks.

Why choose Earnipay for your bulk bill payment?

1. Earnipay is the most convenient and fast way for your business to make bulk

payments for airtime, data, power cable, and vendor payments without leaving your


2. All transactions on earnipay are secure and encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

Businesses can rest assured that their payment information is safe and confidential.

3. Earnipay offers competitive pricing for bulk payments, helping your business save

money on transaction fees.

4. Your Business can save valuable time using Earnipay for bulk payments. This

allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

5. Earnipay is easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it

easy for your business to make payments on the go.

6. You can be confident that Earnipay will process all payments quickly and efficiently without delays or errors.

Bills you can pay for on Earnipay

You can pay a couple of bills on Earnipay using the bulk bill payment service. They include:

  1. Utility bills: These payments range from electricity, water, gas and all other utility services.
  2. Phone and internet bills: Payments like these are airtime/data and cable subscriptions.

Interestingly, these bills cost no charge on Earnipay except if you want to transfer to any Nigerian account, which will cost you #30.

How to get started with Earnipay

Getting started with bulk bill payments on our platform is easy. 

For Employees

  • Sign up on our website or download our mobile application on either Play Store or Apple Store to signup.
  • Create an account and get to your wallet.
  • Fund your wallet either by bank transfer or via your earnings.
  • Head over to the bill payment section and begin to make your payments.

For Businesses

  • Simply signup through our website or login into your Earnipay business dashboard.
  • Head over to your wallet.
  • Fund your wallet.
  • Click on bill payment and choose the bills you want to pay.
  • Continue to make your individual or bulk payment.

Using our platform to make bulk bill payment reduces errors and delays and provides real-time visibility into payment records. It is a hassle-free bulk bill payment solution for your business. Say no to manual handling of time-consuming payment tasks prone to errors, leading to additional costs and resource drain.

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