The Hidden Costs of Manual Payroll Processing

It’s understandable that your business might not readily embrace certain technological advancements, and you’re certainly not alone in that stance. Many individuals and businesses may choose to remain on the traditional side of the fence until they see a compelling reason to change. Before you raise any questions, let’s hit the nail on the head.

Manually processing your employees’ payroll may not be the flex you think it is. And yes, we know it is working for you, at least you get your employees paid duly. However, what you don’t know yet is that there are some hidden, but avoidable costs you are paying for using manual payroll processing for your business. If only you would sit and reason with us. 

Will you? Oh! You are still reading. We would take that as a “yes” then. So, let’s get right into it. This article will explicitly show you the prominent costs of using manual payroll processing for your business.

What is Manual Payroll Processing?

Manual payroll processing is a system of employees’ salary payments that doesn’t involve using any software. The payroll processing is usually done by a bookkeeper or Human Resource (HR) manager of your business or company.

It evaluates all the necessary deductions like taxes on each payroll processed manually without the ease of a technological tool, innovation, or software. 

The Hidden Costs of Manual Payroll Processing

How To Manage And Minimize Payroll Errors

Open to Human Error

Machines are known for almost 100% accuracy in qualitative and quantitative data management, not humans. Running your business payroll manually opens it to the risk of errors and possible incorrectness in salary calculations.

Persistent errors not only inconvenience the employees you are compensating for their work but also directly erodes trust and damages your reputation among your workforce. This is why payroll solutions in Nigeria are there to help you escape this net of errors for increased efficiency.

Compliance issues

Recurring workloads from manual payroll processing cost your credibility with tax collectors and payroll-related government bodies. Running your business payroll manually can lead to you forgetting about the necessary taxes to be paid. Sometimes, it is a mix-up with the right and corresponding details of each employee too.


If truly you believe time is money for your business, you most likely won’t be using it up on just payroll processing. It takes reasonable hours to commit to processing payroll manually for precision and accuracy.

Whereas, automated payroll systems can run exact bulk payments in a few minutes with accuracy. Therefore, you may want to reconsider which of your business resources you would be forgoing for another. Time? Or money? Remember, there are several affordable and beneficial payroll solutions in Nigeria like Earnipay out here.

How to Avoid The Hidden Costs of Manual Payroll Processing

Now that you can see the risks your business faces with manual payroll processing, it’s crucial to explore better alternatives to ensure payroll accuracy. A Payroll processing software is the next best thing to replace your mundane way of processing payroll.

Earnipay Payroll Software stands tall as the solution to your payroll woes. See how it works below.

Earnipay’s payroll software handles all your business payroll needs at a go and even gives you access to business funding and On-demand pay– a leading employee benefit in Nigeria.

Earnipay’s payroll solution also keeps your employees’ data secured and unleashed to any third party. You are assured of utmost confidentiality when using the software for your payroll needs. It works perfectly for any business size as you can customize it to suit your unique business needs.

Furthermore, the system helps you save time and money as you get to stay compliant with taxes and external government fillings too.

Wrapping up

To get started using Earnipay’s Payroll solution,

  • Sign up on the Earnipay website with your business information.
  • Set up your preferred payroll options.
  • Then, you can start running your payroll effortlessly.

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