The Benefits Of On-Demand Pay For Those Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Living paycheck to paycheck is a huge struggle for employees that only  get paid their salaries by month end. The inability to settle emergency needs and necessary health expenses coupled with increasing cost of living pose a great threat to an employee’s work performance and financial wellbeing. But you, as an employee, don’t need to live like this anymore, we believe you deserve more -something better. Hence, the need for our innovative payroll solution -on-demand pay. 

Earnipay’s on-demand pay solution is a payroll practice that pays employees a good part of their earned salaries before payday. This on-demand pay solution allows you to request and get your salary payment for the days you have worked for a month, right before payday, always remember that. See it as you loaning yourself from your salary that comes by month end. No interest. No risk of personal information. Just financial ease and total convenience.

So, imagine not having to wait till the month end before you access your salary. You get to escape the nets of living paycheck to paycheck and improving your work delivery. Well, you can stop imagining now because this article will show you all the possible benefits you can reap from on-demand pay solutions as an employee. You get to see how it helps you leave the constraints of living paycheck to paycheck. So, read through gently.

Benefits of On-demand Pay

  1. Boosts Financial Wellbeing: On-demand pay solution gives employees access to their salary in advance for the sake of sorting bills during the month. For instance, with Earnipay, if you, as an employee, have worked at least 5 days into a new month, you can from there access 50% of your earned salary from the company. This way, you can easily tend to your finance needs without hassle and headaches. Also, this means that you would have lesser or little finance issues to worry about which boosts your financial health and wellbeing.
  1. Increased Work Productivity: When you don’t have to worry about several financial issues and bills, you would have more sanity and focus to deal with work properly. You would be open to delivering at your job role more effectively, given that it is this same company that is even helping you achieve this financial wellness you enjoy now. Therefore, on-demand pay gives you a chance to show your employer your full potential and expertise.
  1. Safe from loan sharks: When pushed to the wall financially, you tend to run to loan apps for help which is understandable. At least, they would help you move past your current finance problem. But remember taking loans from these platforms risks your personal information to a third-party, costs you unreasonable loan interests, and even destroys your income efficiency. Therefore, you must know that on-demand pay doesn’t just increase your work performance or financial wellbeing, it also saves you from unnecessary loan sharks that can further affect your financial stability more.
  1. Financial Literacy: At Earnipay, we don’t just give your ease and financial convenience with our on-demand pay solution, we offer financial education too. We believe that it is not enough to get access to your salary with little or no knowledge on how to manage it better. Therefore, we have invested into teaching useful financial concepts across our social media platforms to help you build a better understanding of your finances. Also, we offer valuable financial advice on these pages to help you stay ahead of your financial struggles.
  1. Solves financial emergencies: An important benefit of the on-demand pay solution is that it helps you avoid grave circumstances emergency needs come with. It saves you from financial emergencies like medical bills, property damage, family emergencies, etc. Also, using this solution helps you avoid unnecessary mental stress that these needs bring as you would rest assured knowing that you have a reliable solution like Earnipay in waiting.

How Earnipay’s On-demand Pay Solution Works

Our on-demand pay solution gets integrated into an employer’s payroll system. From here, you can then request for your earned salary and withdraw it to a certain limit. Once your employer has enrolled with us, you can easily access your earned wages through our website, mobile application and even via USSD “*347*729#”.

Also, our product can be used by any company with a payroll system. And that is virtually all businesses. So, if your employer has a payroll system too. Encourage them to register with us and start leveraging our on-demand pay solution to help you live financially better.

Wrapping up

Guess what? Good things come easily sometimes too. Just like Earnipay’s on-demand pay solution to you. Now, you have that once-in-a-lifetime chance to stop living from paycheck to paycheck. 

If you are tired of the mental and emotional stress living paycheck to paycheck causes you, your time of escape is now. You can get free from this vicious cycle just by recommending Earnipay’s on-demand pay solution to your employer today. So, we urge you to share the link with them now.

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