HR Operations Made Easy: The Benefits of Payroll Processing Automation

As Nigeria’s workforce keeps transforming, specific processes must change with it. One of those processes includes payroll processing, a vital HR operations activity. To optimize the effectiveness of employees and increase the delivery and productivity of a company; HR operations perform a crucial role in ensuring this happens. Some HR operations activities include payroll processing, recruitment, onboarding, etc. However, my focus is on payroll processing, its benefits, and how best it can be automated to simplify payment procedures within your organization.

What is Payroll Processing?

Payroll processing is a digital form of managing an employee’s paycheck after deducting taxes and company benefits. Due to the emergence of technology, many companies have subscribed to using payroll apps to perform their payroll activities. Managing spreadsheets as an HR manager could be daunting and time-consuming and no company would her HR management to be swamped with such tasking activity when payroll processing service providers like Earnipay can relieve you of such a monumental task.

At Earnipay, we provide an innovative payroll processing solution that simplifies payroll management for your HR manager and increases employee satisfaction. Our payroll processing solution is intended for businesses struggling with payroll processing, and flexibility to accumulate payroll structures. Our payroll product comes with a user-friendly interface that empowers HR  to effortlessly create flexible pay structures, handle employee details and obtain payroll financing when needed. It offers a range of features to streamline payroll processing. They include:

  • Automated payroll calculations based on employee days worked and pay rates
  • Integration with tax and benefits systems to accurately calculate deductions
  • Options for issuing paychecks or direct deposits to employees
  • Access to financing options such as credit to support your payroll.
  • Access to on-demand pay which allows your employees access their salaries whenever they need it.
  • Advanced security measures to protect sensitive financial information

Benefits of Payroll Processing

Integrating payroll processing into your business operations would enable you to mitigate 65% of expenses that has the potential of making your company go bankrupt. Some benefits of payroll processing include:

  • Time optimization

The stress involved in manual calculations could be replaced with tasks like payroll processing. Whether or not you agree, payroll processing contributes to the success of the business because a payroll mistake can be detrimental to your team and HR management.

  • It Increases Employee Satisfaction

When employees are happy it reflects in their commitment to achieving business goals. Aside from that, they will also help to promote your brand perception and create a positive image for your brand.

  • Data Security

Our payroll database is centralized and secured. So you have nothing to worry about data loss.

  • Dedicated Support

For companies that outsource their payroll processing to us. You get to enjoy premium support from our customer support in times you need clarity or want to know more about our products.

  • Accuracy

Employees are paid accurately with the help of payroll processing software like ours.

  • Improved Employee Experience

We make onboarding your employees ridiculously easy. On day one, they will be ready to go and our advanced benefit tools like on-demand pay make employee retention a breeze.

Can payroll processing be automated?

Yes, payroll processing can be automated to enable you to focus on other strategic plans that will drive the company forward. Aside from that, automating payroll processing can help do the following;

  1. Reduce payroll errors
  2. Improve the financial wellness of your employees
  3. Increase business efficiency
  4. Reduce business expenses by 47%

Who can use Earnipay’s Payroll Optimization?

Our product is designed for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. We are suitable for any company that needs to manage payroll and access financing options to support their operations.

How do I get started with Earnipay’s payroll Management?

Here’s how to sign up and use Earnipay’s payroll processing and financing product:

  • On our website, click on the “Sign Up” button.
  • Enter your contact and business information to create an account.
  • Set up your payroll and financing options. This includes selecting your payroll frequency, setting up automatic payments, and choosing the financing options that best meet your business needs.
  • Begin processing payroll and accessing financing through the product platform.

You can contact our customer support here if you have any questions or need assistance during the signup process or using the product.

Are there any fees associated with payroll processing?

There may be fees associated with certain features or services of our product. For example, there may be a charge for accessing certain financing options or for additional training or support. These fees will be disclosed and discussed with you before using the relevant features or services.

Where can the HR manager access earnipay’s payroll processing services?

Employees can access earnipay on 

– Mobile (download on ios and android) 

– Login as an employee on our website 

– USSD code *347*729#

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