How To Transfer Funds Instantly To Anyone, Anywhere, With Earnipay Wallet

You just received your salary. You need to send money to your parents and siblings at the university and settle some bills. You can do that all on your Earnipay wallet with ease and speed.

Relying on the transfer network of most conventional banks these days can be frustrating. What do you do if you need to make an urgent transfer to your mum and your bank network fails you? If it is so important, you may have to seek an alternative to get her the funds. You can avoid these sad events by using Earnipay’s Wallet feature.

With the Earnipay Wallet, you can rest assured of no disappointment in getting funds sent to anyone, anywhere. This article will serve as a guideline for funds transfer with Earnipay Wallet.

Steps to follow to make instant transfers with Earnipay

  1. Launch your Earnipay app: Locate your app on your mobile and launch it. If you are yet to download the Earnipay app, you can do that by clicking here.
  2. Click on the wallet icon in the menu: You will locate the Wallet icon at the bottom menu on the app. Click on this icon to proceed.
  3. Click on Bank Transfer: When you are on the Wallet page, your wallet balance will be displayed with options through which you can transfer funds from the wallet. Click on Bank Transfer to proceed.
  4. Input your Transfer Details: You will be asked to supply details for your transfer. These details include;
    • The amount you wish to transfer.
    • The account number you are transferring to.
    • The name of the bank with the account number.
    • The account name will be displayed for you to confirm if the account number is correct.
    • A dialogue box will appear for you to enter a transfer description or narration.
  5. Click on Continue: After filling in your transfer details, click the Continue button to proceed.
  6. Confirm your transfer information on the preview page: A preview page will appear so that you can confirm that every transfer detail you supplied is correct before proceeding with the transfer.
  7. Click on Continue to proceed with your transfer: Once satisfied with what is displayed on the preview page, click Continue to finish your transfer.
  8. Transfer Successful: A successful transfer page appears a few seconds after you have confirmed your transfer.

Benefits of using Earnipay’s Wallet for Fund Transfers

  1. Easy and Fast Transfer: Experience easy and fast transfer by using the Earnipay Wallet. The transfer process is user-friendly; you do not have to worry about bank network issues. Your fund gets to its destination instantly.
  2. Low Transfer Charges: The transfer charge on each transaction on the Earnipay Wallet is just ₦12, which is low when you compare it with the charges you get on conventional bank transfers.
  3. Easy Access to Transfer Funds: With Earnipay Wallet, you can access funds straight from your salary account. You do not have to transfer to another bank to make transfers to your loved ones. This way, you will be saving unnecessary transfer charges.

Take Away

Earnipay provides an easy and fast way of transferring funds to your loved ones. With the Earnipay Wallet feature, you can easily access funds from your salary account for easy transfers to sort your bills.

You can enjoy this feature; you only have to download the Earnipay App, launch it, and locate ‘Wallet’ in the menu.

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