Introducing the Earnipay Wallet - Bank where you earn!

Introducing the Earnipay Wallet – Bank where you earn!

We’ve seen the amazing benefits of Flexible Salary Access to the income earners in Nigeria who use Earnipay to access their pay as they earn. At well over 2,000 withdrawals each month, we’ve had testimonials of customers being less stressed about money, managing their money better, and even using their access privilege for investment and business purposes.

Taking it a step further to ensure financial wellness, we have developed a new product to cater to our users for easy financing. We’ve built Wallet, a virtual account that helps employees transfer and receive funds to carry out financial transactions. They can fund their Wallet through their local bank account or directly from their earnings. Money in this Wallet can be used to pay bills, send money to other wallets or bank accounts, and more!

The Wallet for your convenient financing

We created our Wallet with our users in mind to help them fulfil their financial needs with no hassle. Here are some cool things you can do with Wallet:

  • Make purchases or payments in one app
  • Carry out transactions directly from your earnings
  • Pay your bills (airtime, data, cable TV, etc.) with funds from your Wallet
  • Send and receive money instantly.

Fund your Wallet to carry out transactions.

You can fund your Wallet within minutes in two easy ways:

Top up via bank transfer

  • Select bank transfer, input the amount for the transfer and input the bank account number.
  • Choose the name of the bank from the list of banks.
  • The account holder’s name should then be validated with the account number inputted.
  • Confirm your details and input your pin.
  • Once the funds have left the Wallet, a notification is sent to complete the transaction.

Top up via Earnings

  • Click “Earned wage access” from the selection page and view your “Available to withdraw” amount.
  • Input the amount you want to add to your Wallet or select from the options listed.
  • Review the amount selected and the fees attached, then proceed.
  • Confirm by inputting your pin.
  • A success message appears when the transfer is successful.

NB: If you input an amount that is greater than your available balance, you will get an error messaging saying, “amount can’t be greater than available balance”

Do you want to join Earnipay users as they benefit from Wallet and its awesome features? You can refer your Employer so they can sign up on our platform, add you as an employee, and you register as a user either on the mobile app or the web app.

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