Introducing LEARN – Your tailored financial education coach to get the best out of your money.

Research shows that financial habits such as an individual’s appetite for savings and spending are the most significant determinants of their financial well-being. While most people want to build better money habits, we know that money can feel complicated, and that’s why we’ve built LEARN: an interactive and customized platform to learn more about money and build your financial fitness.

LEARN breaks down complex financial jargon into easy-to-understand concepts and provides step-by-step guidance on applying them to your everyday life, helping you hit your money goals faster and take your money management to the next level.

How LEARN Works:

  1. Employees can launch LEARN from the menu tab in the mobile or web app;
  2. Employees can then take a short quiz to set their financial goals
  3. Employees are presented with their ideal and tailored financial education plan based on the goals they have selected
  4. Employees can go through each course to get actionable money insights tailored to their needs
  5. At the end of each program, employees are prompted to take a quick test and can track how their financial fitness scores are improving with each course.

LEARN – an effective way to build employee financial wellbeing

  • Provides actionable insights to achieving financial fitness: We offer you several practical steps to help you meet your financial goals.
  • Straightforward and easy to understand: Skip the financial jargon and gain the right knowledge in the simplest terms.
  • Tailored to you, no matter your financial stage in life: Whether you’re a financial expert or a money newbie, you’ll get what you need to take action and unlock your next level.

N.B: To access LEARN, you must first be an Earnipay user. This means your employer has signed up on our platform, added you as an employee, and you have registered as a user either on the mobile app or the web app.

Not yet on Earnipay? Refer your employer to start enjoying flexible salary access and access to LEARN today.

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